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Would you like to know, how most people build their wealth?
By buying the right investment property, of course
By connecting with a team of professionals, you will be placed on a platform where everything will be prepared for you. Our company is called “Cupid” for a reason we are the match makers. We have partnered with professional builders and developers that are offering Brand New Single and Dual Occupancy House and Land packages that will benefit you in many ways. We are also connected with a professional property management team that will look after your interests when you are busy living and doing. These professionals are passionate in producing the results that will make you proud to say that’s my team building my wealth for me and my family
Before the process begins we prepare 3 options for your investment loan.
Did you know there are 4 main Benefits to buying an investment property

  1. Passive Income – you can earn positive cash flow from rental income when you choose the right property. 
  2. Tax deductions – Most property expenses can be offset against rental income, for tax purposes, including interest on any loan used to buy the property.
  3. Capital Growth – Some areas will increases in value more than others it does depend on the postcode. Meaning that you will benefit from capital gain when you decide to sell.  
  4. Building Equity – Equity is a valuable resource as it may allow you to secure finance to achieve other goals whether they be investment or lifestyle orientated. You can also use the equity to help you purchase more investment properties and expand your portfolio.

If you are interested in setting yourself up financially or adding to your portfolio schedule a time to meet with one of our guides who will show you how to get onto this platform.

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